Iterate through Java Unit Tuple

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The iteration through Unit in JavaTuples is like what you may have seen in Java Arrays collection.

Let us first see what we need to work with JavaTuples. To work with the Unit class in JavaTuples, you need to import the following package −

import org.javatuples.Unit;

NoteSteps to download and run JavaTuples program If you are using Eclipse IDE to run Unit Class in JavaTuples, then Right Click Project → Properties → Java Build Path → Add External Jars and upload the downloaded JavaTuples jar file.

The following is an example −


import org.javatuples.Unit;
public class Demo {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      Unit < String > u = Unit.with("The Vampire Diaries!");
      for (Object obj: u)


The Vampire Diaries!
Published on 18-Mar-2019 06:05:58