iswalnum() function in C++ STL

iswalnum() function in C++ STL checks if the given wide character is an alphanumeric character, i.e. either a number (0-9), an uppercase letter(A-Z), a lowercase letter (a-z) or any alphanumeric character or not.


   Initializes the characters.
   Call function iswalnum(c1) to check whether it is alphanumeric or not.
   If it is alphanumeric character, then value will be returned otherwise zero will be returned.

Example Code

#include <cwctype>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
   wchar_t c1 = '/';
   wchar_t c2 = 'a';
   if (iswalnum(c1))
      wcout << c1 << " is alphanumeric ";
      wcout << c1 << " is not alphanumeric ";
      wcout << endl;
   if (iswalnum(c2))
      wcout << c2 << " is alphanumeric ";
      wcout << c2 << " is not alphanumeric ";
   return 0;


/ is not alphanumeric
a is alphanumeric