Is it possible to synchronize the string type in Java?

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A thread is a piece of code (under execution) in a program, which executes a sub task of the process independently. independent process.

In other words, a thread is a light weight process which executes a piece of code independently.

Thread synchronization

If a process has multiple threads running independently at the same time (multi-threading) and if all of them trying to access a same resource an issue occurs.

To resolve this, Java provides synchronized blocks/ synchronized methods. If you define a resource (variable/object/array) inside a synchronized block or a synchronized method, if one thread is using/accessing it, other threads are not allowed to access.

synchronized (Lock1) {
   System.out.println("Thread 1: Holding lock 1...");

Synchronizing Strings

It is not recommended to use objects which are pooled and reused, if you do so there is a chance of getting into deadlock condition down the line.

Since Strings are pooled in String constant pool and reused, it is not suggestable lock String types with Synchronization.

Updated on 02-Jul-2020 10:33:35