Is it possible to have JavaScript split() start at index 1?

As of the official String.prototype.split() method there exist no way to start splitting a string from index 1 or for general from any index n, but with a little tweak in the way we use split(), we can achieve this functionality.

We followed the following approach −

We will create two arrays −

  • One that is splitted from 0 to end --- ACTUAL
  • Second that is splitted from 0 TO STARTPOSITION --- LEFTOVER

Now, we iterate over each element of leftover and splice it from the actual array. Thus, the actual array hypothetically gets splitted from STARTINDEX to END.


const string = 'The quick brown fox jumped over the wall';
const returnSplittedArray = (str, startPosition, seperator=" ") => {
   const leftOver = str.split(seperator, startPosition);
   const actual = str.split(seperator);
   leftOver.forEach(left => {
      actual.splice(actual.indexOf(left), 1);
   return actual;
console.log(returnSplittedArray(string, 5, " "));


["over", "the", "wall"]