Is hello app a game changer for social media platform?

The social network popular among the world youth was Orkut even before Facebook was launched. Orkut was famous for its Communities, where you had discussion threads.

Now the founder of Orkut, Orkut Büyükkökten has come up with a new social network called "Hello". This focuses on your hobbies, obsessions and passions and lets you choose personas to show your interest areas. These personas can be slotted under various categories such as clubber, geek, photographer, traveler and so on.

As per the Orkut, this is designed to help you connect with the people with common interests. One more advantage the Hello app has is gamification. You will earn karma points based on your posts and interactions and move up on the levels as in the games.

Before we discuss, whether Hello is a game changer in social media, we have a question whether we need a new social platform with Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram already ruling. "Hello" App still does not support videos. So we can say it cannot supersede these already established social media platforms with the present technology.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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