Introduction to Sync emptyDir() in NodeJS

This method is used to empty a directory whether it is empty or not with a sync process. If the directory is not empty, it will remove all its contents and empty it. A new empty directory is created if the directory does not exist.




  • dir – This is a string paramter which will hold the location of the directory structure.

Example 1

  • Check that fs-extra is installed before proceeding; if not, install fs-exra.

  • You can use the following command to check whether fs-extra is installed or not.

npm ls fs-extra
  • Create a syncEmptyDir.js and copy-paste the following code snippet into that file.

  • Now, run the following command to run the following code snippet.

node syncEmptyDir.js

Code Snippet

const fs = require('fs-extra')

// Assuming the directory exists and has content
console.log('Empty Directory Sync Success !')


C:\Users\tutorialsPoint\> node syncEmptyDir.js
Empty Directory Sync Success !