Incentive Planning - Attributes

The plan for incentives is intended to motivate the right behaviours as well as to discourage the wrong practices. The requirements of those behaviours are correlated to the salespersons themselves, their department and the company as well. Motivating sales personnel to work on non-revenue or non-profit returning tasks can be done by carrying out certain performance measures.

Compensation Incentive

These measures help in checking the volume of work and other proceedings to meet the ends. As the compensation plan is an important part of the larger sales plan, it should also reflect most of the anticipations.

An interesting case could be made out for strategizing − Say, a manager requests that he should also be waged for the efforts that he has put in while thinking about the long-term betterment of the company. In such cases, employees might want to claim incentives for some actions that are crucial, but not measurable. Hence, it is also important for the management to realize the contribution and think about it in their long-term improvement. Still, many other initiatives are also needed for the success in the long-term, with respect to the department of sales and the whole company.

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