Important Tips to Achieve Success in Green Belt Projects?

Time management, communication, and collaboration are the three most crucial pillars of every project. Customers expect the best quality in the end product. They don’t just want the product to look good, but it must resolve their pain points. To achieve that, businesses are focusing on six-sigma-certified project managers. These are skilled and certified professionals with years of experience in solving all kinds and complexities of projects efficiently.

Achieving a green belt in six sigma is one of the most important steps in growing your career in this industry and becoming a recognized and valued project manager. It also helps you achieve promotion.

Six Sigma is a popular approach to completing projects as flawlessly as possible. The method teaches you the skills to minimize waste, maximize the project’s value, and achieve your end goals in a timely fashion. All this can be achieved when you assign the project to a certified project manager who holds a green belt certification. In this post, we will discuss some easy tips on effectively finishing green belt projects. Let’s get started.

What are Green Belt Projects?

Green belt projects help businesses focus on complex customer problems that do not have a proper solution. The main purpose of these projects is to identify the root cause of the problem, come up with a detailed plan for solving the problem, and implement the right strategies to achieve the best results.

As you successfully launch green belt projects, you will notice greater flexibility, improved quality of the output, faster completion of projects, and improved efficiency across your organization. Let’s check out the tips on finishing green belt projects.

Building a Successful Green Belt Project

Find a Sponsor

First things first, you need to talk to the senior-level manager or the head of your department about your goals of achieving a six sigma green belt certification. Most employers will gladly sponsor your entire course and help you in all possible ways to get you enrolled in the course. Contrary to what people believe, many people enroll in this certification program to get better at project management.


Once you have got a sponsor, whether your boss or someone outside your organization, the next step is to identify the processes that require improvement. You need to select a project that’s neither too trivial to teach you nothing nor too big or complex to make it nearly impossible for you to execute it within the deadline. Ideally, you should look for projects that require an improvement in the processes but are stable.

Measure Phase

The most crucial step in completing a project is identifying its requirements, what the clients expect from the finished project, and whether it’s possible to complete it by the allotted deadline. Instead of jumping straight to a conclusion, you should take some time to understand the project and its specifications well. The measure phase is undoubtedly a critical step in green belt projects, but it should be executed only after you have analyzed the project and are completely aware of its requirements.

Document Everything

An important part of the successful completion of a project is documenting everything. The techniques that you altered might deliver excellent results, but what about the ones you had used earlier and didn’t work out? To ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated and to understand what works and what doesn’t, it’s important to record the previous strategies.

While you are at it, know that the measure phase requires six sigma tools which are readily available within the organization. These tools can be used to measure the success or track progress on the projects, but you must only use the ones that are absolutely necessary.

Ability to Deal with Changes

Change implementation is the most common aspect of every project. A Green belt certified manager knows how to cope with these changes and ensure that they don’t disrupt the workflow. Successfully implementing these changes while keeping other processes intact is the most crucial step in accomplishing a project efficiently.

Be Proactive

Critical thinking is another skill we need from a green belt certified manager. In fact, that’s the skill that sets a certified project manager apart from the average one. You should think logically and make decisions after carefully evaluating different factors.

Critical thinking goes hand in hand with problem-solving. You are taught the correct ways to look at the problems, check their current status, figure out the root cause of the issues, and narrow down your list to the best and most effective solutions. If you let your emotions come in the way, you will never be able to solve the problems effectively.

A Desire for Improvement

What’s working for one project may not be an ideal strategy for another one. Every project can differ in terms of size, complexity, and requirements. You should have a strong passion for improving your strategies and customizing the project to suit your individual requirements. Continuous improvement is an integral part of achieving success in green belt projects. What you need to improve and how exactly will depend on the type of project you are working on. It’s always better to work with your team and consider their opinions.

Leadership Skills

A project manager can also play the role of a leader when they acquire experience from continuous practice. Leadership skills teach you the right ways to assign projects to your team, track their progress, implement change wherever needed, keep your stakeholders and other parties informed about the project’s status, and delegate your responsibilities to other professionals for streamlined management. A laid-back leadership style is ideal for managers who want full control over the project but also want their teams to feel free to suggest their ideas and discuss their concerns.

These were the few important steps for achieving success in green belt projects. From effective communication to building a strong team and tracking their progress, achieving a green belt certification will help you complete these projects efficiently.

Updated on: 08-Feb-2023


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