Importance of TQM in Improving Business Performance and Customer Satisfaction


Total Quality Management or TQM involves the application of suitable protocols right from the grassroots level to product delivery. The first step in TQM is to gain support and understanding of your employees. Your employees are obviously essential to the business processes; hence, you need their input to improve them.

If you are the business manager of a software firm or manufacturing unit, gaining trust and commitment is paramount. Here are some reasons to implement TQM to enhance business performance and customer satisfaction.

Increasing Employee Involvement in Business Processes

Imagine you are the business manager for an eCommerce portal. You are in charge of buying and delivering the goods. For TQM, you must obtain things from vendors in a timely manner and return them to clients. You must complete all business cycle steps to boost business performance and customer satisfaction.

Here are some factors when you involve your employees in a business cycle.

  • It might be beneficial to solicit suggestions for process improvements from your staff. The greatest people to help you find enhancements you can make to streamline the process are your employees because they are involved from the very beginning of a business process.

  • Additionally, you will discover that by expanding employee participation in business operations, you will see them take responsibility for the production process. As a result, productivity and operational performance will be enhanced.

  • You will have an easier time getting dedication from your staff if you involve them. To boost company's performance, make sure that the productivity is not impacted at any point in the business process. If your staff members are pleased with your management style, you can do this. Happy employees will ensure that the products developed by your firm are also excellent, and as a result, you can incorporate the best quality management protocols.

Thus, gaining your employees' commitment will make it easier to incorporate TQM protocols and ensure that your customers are satisfied with the final products. This will not only help streamline your company's business processes, but you will also find that your employees are confident with your management.

TQM Creating an Integrated Approach to Business Operations

The importance of quality management is to help increase customer satisfaction and to create brand awareness among your clients. Now, when you think of the business processes in your company, these need to become coherent to give you a better purview of the TQM protocols that your company requires. When your employees, suppliers, and vendors are integrated, managing business operations is made simpler. This is especially true in manufacturing facilities when the final product requires the purchase of materials from a variety of suppliers.

An integrated strategy is crucial for software development from the beginning of the project development process onward.

With Total Quality Management, you can ensure that these protocols are implemented right from the beginning of the production process. This is essential to maintain the quality of the deliverable for each phase of the project. As a result, the final deliverable will also be defect−free and per client expectations. Thus, when you have an integrated approach which TQM helps create, you will find that improving business performance and achieving customer satisfaction becomes easier.

TQM Involves Continuous Improvement

An essential feature of TQM protocols is that these involve continuous improvement of the business processes, which helps achieve customer satisfaction. For example, you can create a business environment that focuses on improvement with TQM protocols. Database models can be used to direct your suppliers and employees in streamlining their production and increasing efficiency. If you want to increase customer happiness and corporate performance, this is crucial.

Following are some examples of how TQM promotes a setting favorable to ongoing improvement:

  • With the help of total quality management, you can improve inter and intra−team communication. For example, when a product is developed, teams must have transparent communication from the beginning.; helping to remove any issues arising from the product's manufacturing in the initial stages.

    When the final product meets all clients’ requirements, it will help engage your customers and lead to complete customer satisfaction.

  • TQM also requires customer involvement in business processes. Suppose you want to improve the business processes and ensure that the products and services offered by your company meet your client's requirements. In that case, you must incorporate their requirements into business decisions. You will find that the customer's inputs are essential when taking a strategic and systematic approach to changing business operations. Thus, with the help of TQM protocols, you can develop a more conducive environment for business growth and ensure customer satisfaction.

Suppose you are particular about databased findings and strive continuously to introduce positive changes that will improve your company's business performance and ensure customer satisfaction. In that situation, you must apply quality management procedures across the entire production process. This will guarantee that there are no production−related issues at any point, that the product is not neglected, and that the finished product is defect−free.


TQM is a procedure that aids in planning each stage of the production process, highlighting the significance of TQM protocols. This enhances business performance and customer satisfaction. It also ensures that the employees are involved in the management process and that their inputs are given importance.

Finally, it incorporates the customers' requirements and ensures that the final product meets client expectations. Thus, TQM can ensure that your business productivity increases as it includes the best business practices and is geared towards customer satisfaction. Besides, it will boost your brand value to a great extent.

Updated on: 11-Aug-2023


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