HTML <form> target Attribute

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The target attribute of the <form> element allows you to display the response generated after submitting the form.

Following is the syntax −

<form target="_blank|_self|_parent|_top|frame">

Here, _blank is used to display the response in new window or tab, _self display the response in the same frame, _parent displays the response in the parent frame, _top displays the response in the entire body of the window, frame displays the response in a named frame.

Let us now see an example to implement the target attribute of the <form> element −


 Live Demo

<!DOCTYPE html>
<form action="new.php" method="get" target="_blank">
   Player: <input type="text" name="player"><br>
   Rank: <input type="number" name="rank"><br>
   Points: <input type="number" name="points"><br>
   <button type="submit" value="Submit">Submit</button>

This will produce the following output. When you will submit the form, the response would appear in a new window −

On form submission, the following response would be displayed in a new window −

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