HTML DOM console.clear() Method

The HTML DOM console.clear() method is used to clear the console. The console.clear() method will also write “Console was cleared” message in the console and clears all the previous console content. This method is fully supported by all the browsers.


Following is the syntax for console.clear() method −



Let us see an example for the HTML DOM console.clear() method −

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>JavaScript console.clear() Method</h1>
<p>Press F12 on the keyboard to see the message on your console</p>
console.log("TEXT has been printed on the console!");
<p>Click the below button to clear the console</p>
<button onclick="clearConsole()">CLEAR</button>
   function clearConsole() {


This will produce the following output −

Console −

On clicking the CLEAR button −

In the above example −

We have written some message to the console using the console.log() method −

console.log("TEXT has been printed on the console!");

We have then created a button CLEAR that will execute the clearConsole() method −

<button onclick="clearConsole()">CLEAR</button>

The clearConsole() method calls the clear() function on the console object. This clears the console and writes “Console was cleared” on the console.

function clearConsole() {

Updated on: 08-Aug-2019


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