How YouTube New Hashtag Showcase Assist in Content Discovery and research?

YouTube Adds New Hashtag Showcase Pages to Help You Find Content. YouTube has just introduced a new hashtag search facility that displays users a full-page display of YouTube videos, as well as usage statistics, that include the chosen hashtag.

Beyond content discovery and research, this update may be used for a variety of purposes. On both desktop and mobile versions of the YouTube app, the new hashtag search display is now available. "Today, anyone looking for a certain hashtag on YouTube will notice a new dedicated page featuring videos solely containing the hashtag, which are organized to keep the greatest videos at the top."

Beyond content discovery, this could be used for a variety of things. You will be able to do a search for your content-related hashtags as well as their respective popularity and then tap into each presented video to get more information on related tags - before deciding which ones you would prefer to use.

These lists can also help you choose what works in a certain classification or subject. Therefore, by seeing the videos categorized by popularity, you may get an idea of what video titles and thumbnail images work best for each topic.

It might be a goldmine of information. By clicking on any automatically linked hashtag you see on YouTube, YouTube claims that you may access these new search pages.

Why content discovery and research are needed?

Let us say you have a library of wonderful information, including blog entries and eBooks, infographics, video material, and one-pagers. That is great, but if your current and future consumers cannot locate or access your assets, that highquality material will be of zero worth. One effective way to promote your material is through a resource library on your website, however, it is not the only thing you should do to spread your unique material far and wide.

As a result, “Content discovery” is essentially defined as the process of discovering and interacting with your material by consumers and internet users. Others may be more passive and allow good material recommendations to come to them, while others may be voracious content hounds who actively seek great material.

You should be knowledgeable about how your target audience finds material as a content creator. This is the first step in content marketing engagement, and it is important to have this information. Video is becoming more important in contemporary content marketing, and it is a high-performing content type. Upload any videos you have of your brand assets to YouTube, such as employee interviews, client testimonials, or other footage. With the addition of a hashtag feature like Twitter, YouTube has made finding videos easier than ever before.

How Do I Access YouTube Hashtag Showcase Pages?

To view YouTube hashtags, and showcase pages, just open YouTube website, or use this URL format.

The page will be brought up by doing this. Type in the hashtag you want to check for content discovery.

After inputting hashtag search it. You may estimate how many YouTube videos using that hashtag there are, as well as the number of channels.

As seen #motivational; is used by 3.6 M videos and 532k channel. Research it for your new content discovery. Click on this icon on window.

You can see all top trending videos for the hashtag searched.

The above research can help you decide whether a YouTube hashtag is worth including.

When creating your YouTube video description, remember that you can only include three hashtags. YouTube will only display the first three above your video's title if you include more.

Additional Benefits of YouTube Hashtag Showcase Pages

  • Your videos may be featured in showcase pages when you utilize hashtags in your YouTube video material. Since you generate more influence using your YouTube channel, this might result in significant boosts in the audience and perhaps brand partnerships.

  • You may also check out other sorts of YouTube thumbnails that your videos are employing using YouTube hashtag showcase pages, in addition, to getting more attention for your films.

  • You can expand your reach and attract a bigger audience for your YouTube videos by using hashtags.

  • "Save in mind that using regular hashtags like "#socialmedia" or "#facebooklive" is not recommended." They are also frequently used in several videos.


You may want to create your hashtag. If your videos appear as the principal videos on hashtag showcase pages, you may own a hashtag. Remember, you do not own a hashtag. To get YouTube hashtag showcase pages, you do not have to do anything. Now it is your responsibility to create a hashtag strategy for your company and use it in your videos. While it is not a ‘game-changer,’ it is a useful research and discovery tool that could be beneficial for your YouTube strategy.