How to use this and super keywords with lambda expression in Java?

The "this" and "super" references within a lambda expression are the same as in the enclosing context. Since the lambda expression doesn't define a new scope, "this" keyword within a lambda expression signifies "this" parameter of a method where the lambda expression is residing.

In the below example, this.toString() calls the toString() method of the LambdaTest object but not the toString() method of the Operate instance.


interface Operate {
   int func(int num1, int num2);
   public String toString();
public class LambdaTest {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      LambdaTest test = new LambdaTest();
   public void getResult() {
      Operate op = (num1, num2) -> { // lambda expression
         System.out.println("This hashcode: " + this.hashCode());
         System.out.println("Calling toString(): "+ this.toString());
         return num1 + num2;
      System.out.println("Result is: "+ funcInt.func(10, 7));
   public String toString() {
      System.out.println("Super hashcode: " + super.hashCode());
      return Integer.toString(super.hashCode());


This hashcode: 142257191
Super hashcode: 142257191
Calling toString(): 142257191
Result is: 17

Updated on: 14-Jul-2020

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