How to use giphy keys for ios users


You want to say something but someone else says it in the best way. Ever faced this kind of situation? When a post in Facebook needs just a touch of spice by adding few characters, but that’s what you don’t have. Well the wait is over GIPHY is on your rescue.

Whenever you have a conversation online, GIPHY is there to help you. The GIF catalog is infinitely loaded with pop culture, original animations and real-time information that you can share on your phone, tablet, laptop etc. Every social site that you use twitter, Facebook, Gmail, tinder everyone has put GIFs.

GIPHY gives you the power to know the latest fashion style and current trust at this very second with just one tap. If that’s not enough just type few words real quick and browse by your mood, theme, memes etc. GIPHY has got you all covered.

GIPHY Keys and Keyboard

GIPHY keys gives you control over the GIPHY’s library, you can send GIFs into any chat with just tap-tap. It is fast, it’s fun and overall it’s easy. They are all just right there whenever you need them. The GIPHY keypad was designed to exchange words you type to sharing GIFs with the speed of your thumb’s movement.

Everybody loves GIFs but in addition to normal search process and category tools, this time iPhone is launching something more than just GIF’s, it is the GIPHY keyboard, yes a keyboard to write. Earlier you had to rely on a third party keyboards for typing words with one and sending images through the other.

How to Use GIPHY Keys for iOS Users

If one has to describe GIPHY in one word, then it would be they are awesome. GIFing from keyboard is some next level stuff. After fixing few bugs in iOS 9.3.1 the iPhone is now running quite smoothly and integration of Microsoft Office made it lot harder to use the stock keyboard.

With all these new exciting features, installing a keyboard which can send GIFs is like a series of surprise gifts in a row. Giphy in iOS includes complete package of GIFs, making it lot easier to search and share animated clips with faster speed.

Given below are some guidelines that instructs how to use GIPHY keys for iOS users. Firstly, you need to download the GIPHY app after which you need to install it.

Step 1 − How to Install GIPHY Keys

To explore and use this keyboard for sending GIFs by your iPhone keyboard, first thing is to install the new app. This app is called GIPHY KEYS. Installing GIPHY keyboard is just like installing any other keyboard.

Now, simply tap on the little globe icon in the left of the keyboard in any app. This will bring the GIPHY KEY interface on display.

Step 2 − How to Enable GIPHY Keys

After installing GIPHY KEYS you need to enable them. You can enable them by going to your iPhone’s main “Settings” menu there you will find “General”. Under “General” choose the “keyboard option”. Tap on “Add New Keyboard” then Select “GIPHY KEYS” from the list.

After selecting GIPHY KEYS from the menu, toggle the switch next to “Allow Full Access” & press “Allow” on the pop-up shown. Now your GIPHY KEYS have been enabled, but they are still not ready to use.

Step 3 − Switch to the GIPHY Keys Keyboard

Now you simply select any text fields, then long press on the globe icon with your current keyboard. Then just drag your finger to highlight the “GIPHY KEYS” option & let go of it. Now you are ready to use your new keyboard.

Step 4 − Using GIPHY to Find and Share GIFs Directly from Keyboard

GIPHY KEYS works just like the normal iOS keyboard if the part of predictive text is removed. The major difference here is in GIFHY, a set of icons which are placed at the top of the keyboard/Tap on these and you shall be greeted by pool of GIF’s.

For searching any GIF, tap the icon in the top left corner & type the one you are looking for. After finding your GIF you can share it by simply tapping on it, this will add it to your clipboard, then long press the text field in the app you want to paste the GIF.

You can also share GIF’s by a long press in any GIF to see the other options available in the GIPHY keys like copying the URL ,uploading a video or sharing something in any social networking site. So, it’s really easy to share any GIF anytime.

Keyboard GIFFY

The keyboard reminds of Riffsy but GIFFY is more expansive as it gives selection of GIF’s and also the GIF sharing is lot more faster and better. Now how do we get started with the GIPHY KEYS, lets have brief look on using the keyboard:

  • Firstly, select a GIF from GIPHY’s from the latest trending feed or type something you want to search.
  • Now go through all the GIFs till you find the appropriate one.
  • After selecting GIF of your choice tap once on the GIF to copy.
  • Then tap in your chat to paste the GIF you copied.
  • Simply hit the send button &you’re done.

You can relate GIPHY’s integration with Gmail, but there is a slight variation. Here the user has to copy and paste the GIF if they want to work rather than simply clicking on it. GIPHY KEYS consists of a scrollable section especially for emotions and reactions.

You can find different options like the “SMH”, “applause” and “eye roll” over here. In addition to this, a different section is maintained for categories like animals or foods. The list just goes on without an ending. In-short it is more than just a simple search.

The GIPHY KEYS will allow you to ask any question while using properly tagged 8ball emoji, this will give you an answer to your question. There is much more than simple basics in GIPHY KEYS. The classic GIPHY integration with the chat platforms shows the capability of GIPHY API in a single keyboard.

The concept of 8ball got boring very quickly, but applying a random GIF behind city’s weather information was a cool idea. Sometimes weird or even creepy images can be real fun for texting. But for this purpose you have to be patient for waiting for these GIF’s.

The problem with GIPHY keyboard is that it doesn’t support auto-correct. Don’t think of blindly typing something and sending it just by relying on GIPHY keys completely as it will not correct the mistakes you make while typing. But GIPHY is already trying to work on this issue.

Introducing GIPHY in iphones has been lot more convinient and easy for people who love chatting on iMessage. Although earlier GIPHY offered the same search and copy-paste features in main GIPHY app but this new addition in iPhones has been a marketing tool API in GIPHY integration.

GIPHY brings all the GIFs home. The mobile family is a new addition in GIPHY family which makes it easy to feel and express what you feel like. You can simply use GIFs, discover your favourites or in-fact customize your own GIF’s. Gives gives you another reason to stick to iPhone.

Updated on 12-May-2022 12:44:41