How to use a final or effectively final variable in lambda expression in Java?

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The effectively final variables refer to local variables that are not declared final explicitly and can't be changed once initialized. A lambda expression can use a local variable in outer scopes only if they are effectively final.


(optional) (Arguments) -> body

In the below example, the "size" variable is not declared as final but it's effective final because we are not modifying the value of the "size" variable.


interface Employee {
   void empData(String empName);
public class LambdaEffectivelyFinalTest {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      int size = 100;
      Employee emp = name -> {        // lambda expression
               System.out.println("The employee strength is: " + size);
               System.out.println("The employee name is: " + name);


The employee strength is: 100
The employee name is: Adithya
Updated on 10-Jul-2020 11:58:59