How to stop the Azure VM using Azure CLI in PowerShell?

To stop the azure VM using Azure CLI we can use the az vm stop command. Before running this command make sure that you are connected to the Azure account and the proper Azure subscription.

When we run this command, we need to provide the Azure VM name (-n) and the resource group name (-g).

PS C:\> az vm stop -n Win2k16VM1 -g TESTVMRG --verbose

The above command will stop the Azure VM Win2k16VM1 from the resource group TestVMRG. Alternatively, you can also use the full parameter name as shown below.

PS C:\> az vm stop --name win2k16vm1 --resource-group testvmrg

This command will wait until the Azure VM stops. To stop the Azure VM without waiting for the VM to stop and move the execution to the next step, we can use -- no-wait parameter.

PS C:\> az vm stop --name win2k16vm1 --resource-group testvmrg --no-wait

Updated on: 02-Sep-2021

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