How to share x axes of two subplots after they have been created in Matplotlib?

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First, we can create two axes using the subplot method where nrows=2, ncols=1. That means, we can have two indices to plot the desired plot. We can use ax1.get_shared_x_axes().join(ax1,ax2) method for our plot.


  • Create two lists of the numbers.

  • Add a subplot to the current figure, ax1, where nrows = 2, ncols = 1, and index is 1 for ax1.

  • Add a subplot to the current figure, ax2, where nrows = 2, ncols = 1, and index is 2 for ax2.

  • Plot x and y using points that are created in step 1.

  • Using get_shared_x_axes().join(ax1, ax2), return a reference to the shared axes Grouper object for axes.

  • Set X-axis tick labels of the grid, with empty list, using set_xticklabels method.

  • Use to show the figure.


import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

x = [2, 4, 6, 8, 9]
y = [12, 40, 16, 81, 19]

ax1 = plt.subplot(211)
ax2 = plt.subplot(212)

ax1.plot(y, x)
ax2.plot(x, y)

ax1.get_shared_x_axes().join(ax1, ax2)


Updated on 15-Mar-2021 08:01:21