How to run SQL script in MySQL?

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To run SQL script in MySQL, use the MySQL workbench. First, you need to open MySQL workbench.

The snapshot is as follows −

Now, File -> Open SQL Script to open the SQL script.

Alternatively, use the following shortcut key −


After that an option would be visible for you to choose your .sql file from the disk. In my system, the file is located on the Desktop. I will select the same “tblstudent” SQL file as shown in the following screenshot −

After browsing .sql files, you need to select the option “Reconnect to database” as shown in the following screenshot −

Now, it will ask for password to connect with MySQL. Add the password and click “OK” as in the following screenshot −

Note − Press OK button twice to connect with MySQL.

After completing the above process, the following screen will be visible with our SQL file “tblstudent”, which we uploaded before −

After that you need to execute the script. To execute the script, click the symbol marked in the following screenshot −

After that you will get the following output −

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24