How To Run JavaScript Online?

In this tutorial, let us discuss the best way to run Javascript online.

As we know, Javascript is a popular language. There are many options to run Javascript online. Optimizing runtime and memory usage is the challenge all these tools face. A simple way to run Javascript is the browser console. The browser console comes up when you press the F12 key.

You can add the Javascript code within the script tag or load an external JavaScript file. Let us look into the available options to run Javascript online.


To run Javascript using codepen, only enter the Javascript code in the JS space and click on the Result tab. The output space displays the result. Codepen provides separate areas for HTML and CSS as well.

Codepen has significant community support. Everyone can share projects here. Settings contain options to choose JavaScript/CSS/HTML pre-processor, add external resources, add general content in the head tag, save code automatically, and code spacing.


The web Editor tab in Liveveave allows us to write HTML snippets, CSS, and Javascript in 3 panels. After saving the changes, click on the run icon to get the output. Javascript console and Tidy format JS only are other options that Liveveave has for Javascript alone.

JS Bin

JS Bin also provides distinct code space for HTML, CSS, Javascript, console, and output. You can merely enter the code and see the outcome. The run button is available only for direct runs from the console tab.


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'' gives create new code option to add new code in the script tag. You can enter the HTML beneath the script tag as necessary. You can save the update and use the run code option. The 'save as new js' option is also available in this online option.

You can load code samples through '' and see the result in the result panel by running the code. Add framework provides JQuery, Bootstrap, and much more.

JS Fiddle

JS Fiddle has four panels for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and results. After entering the code, click on the run icon to view the result.

Play code gives script.js to enter the Javascript code. HTML can be in index.html and CSS in style.css. A console is available separately, and the website view displays the output.

One compiler

One compiler is a straightforward website to run Javascript online. The index js is the default js file. You can add more js files as necessary, and the run button is available to view the output.


The 'programiz’ is a small website for running Javascript. You can enter the code in main js and view the output in the output tab next to it.

This tutorial discussed the ways to run Javascript online. We suggest, one compiler, and 'programiz’ first. These are very easy and the best ways to run Javascript online.