How to remove fake JavaScript pop-up messages and warnings?

Fake JavaScript pop-up messages and warnings are typically used for malicious purposes, such as tricking users into downloading malware or providing sensitive information. These fake popups and messages often appear to be legitimate alerts from trusted sources, such as a user's operating system, web browser, or security software, in order to deceive the user into taking a particular action.

Clicking popup can forward you to the malicious website example can be −

There are several types of fake pop-ups that you may encounter while browsing the internet. Here are some of the most common types −

Some Type of Fake pop-ups

Fake Virus Warnings

These pop-ups are designed to look like legitimate antivirus alerts, and often warn the user of a supposed virus or malware infection on their computer. They may prompt the user to download and install fake antivirus software or call a phone number to receive support, which can lead to malware infection or financial fraud.

Tech Support Scams

These pop-ups may appear to be from well-known tech companies, such as Microsoft or Apple, and warn the user of a supposed issue with their computer or device. They may prompt the user to call a phone number for support, which can lead to financial fraud or installation of malware.

Prize or Gift Scams

These kinds of popups will show alert or an external page like you've won a gift or prizes like free bike, iPhone, or lottery. When user clicks on the popup it takes to fill the survey or information to ship the product, using this way user provide their personal information. This information is used in identity theft or phishing attacks or for any survey purpose.

Browser Hijackers

This kind of popup will redirect you to the external page which may also show you unwanted ads or collect your browsing data for the purpose of showing target advertisement.

Phishing Attacks

These popups will look like real page like a login or payment page where user will enter their credentials and personal information which can be used for the purpose of identity theft or financial fraud.

Ways to Close Pop-ups

Do not Interact With the Pop-up

This step is very crucial in order to save yourself from fraud or scam. Do not try to interact with the pop-up or provide any personal information. This can prevent you from any further damage or data theft.

Close the Browser Window

This is very easy way to close any popup you just have to close the browser by clicking on cross sign or browser or by pressing "Ctrl + W" keyboard shortcut.

Use Task Manager

Some scenario happens when they will prevent you from closing the browser window, in this case you can open your task manager by pressing "ctrl + shit +esc" on window or and close the running browser.

Clear Your Browser Cache

If you want to prevent the pop-up from reappearing so you should clear your browser cache.

Use an Ad-blocker

To block unwanted advertisement or pop-up you can also use ad-blocker extension.

So, fake pop-up or warning often used to trick the user for providing personal information or downloading malware in the computer. So, it's important to be careful while browsing the internet. To avoid the interaction with unwanted pop-up or warning you can also use pop-up blockers and other security measures to protect yourself from these types of scams.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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