How to redirect domain according to country IP address in PHP?

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The GeoIP extension can be used to find the exact location of an IP address. Apart from this, the geoPlugin class can be downloaded from −

The country code list can be found in the below link −

An index.php file can be placed inside the root folder and the below lines of code can be put inside this index file −

$geoplugin = new geoPlugin();
// create a variable for the country code
$var_country_code = $geoplugin->countryCode;
// redirect based on country code:
if ($var_country_code == "AL") {
else if ($var_country_code == "NL") {
} else {

Once the geoplugin class has been downloaded, a new instance is created and given the name ‘geoplugin’. The locate function is called on this instance of the geoplugin class. The same class object’s countryCode is assigned to a variable named ‘var_country_code’. Now, the ‘if’ condition is put to check the letters of the region. Based on this IP address, the redirection to the specific domain takes place.

Updated on 09-Apr-2020 11:12:10