How to manage desktop notifications on YouTube?

A notification is a small piece of information that is delivered to your device. A sound is usually present with it. This sort of notification can be received by any browser, no matter which one you use. Many sites, including YouTube, utilize this technique to keep in touch with their users.

When new videos and updates from your favourite channels, as well as other material, are available, YouTube's notifications notify you. YouTube will send you alerts for channels you follow as well as alerts based on your preferences. You may modify or deactivate your alerts, as well as view the method for managing your alert settings on YouTube channels. You may decide when and how to be notified via YouTube notifications.

We will show you how to manage YouTube notifications based on your needs in this article. After reading this article, you will understand how to toggle YouTube Notifications.

Management of YouTube Notifications

The notification page on YouTube is divided in two parts − General Settings and E-mail Notification

For managing notifications, you need to go to YouTube on the web browser and then log in to your account. Open settings, then notifications.

General settings

The general settings are again divided into two parts −

Desktop Notification

Your Preferences

Desktop Notification

Get notifications in this browser. Receive notifications on your computer, even if you are not watching YouTube.

At the top of your screen, tap on your profile picture.

Then tap on Settings.

Tap on Notifications.

To get the notification toggle the button to on position.

Your Preferences

To adjust YouTube Your Preference notifications settings, follow the steps down below −

At the top of your screen, tap on your profile picture.

Then tap on Settings.

Tap on Notifications.

The options available in your preference sections are −

Subscriptions − Notify you about activity on the channels you are subscribed to.

Recommended videos − Notify you of videos you might like, based on what you watch.

Activity on my channel − Notify you about comments and other activity on your channel or videos.

Replies to my comments − Notify you about replies to your comments.

Mentions − Notify you when others mention your channel.

Replies to my comments − Notify you about replies on your comments.

Shared content − Notify you when others share your content on their channels.

You can choose turn on or off the corresponding button according to your actual needs.

Email Notification

When you scroll down on the page, you will see the Email notification’s part. YouTube tells you the email address where all the mails from it will be sent.

“Your emails are sent to ********** To unsubscribe from an email, click the "Unsubscribe" link button at the bottom of it. Learn more about emails from YouTube.”

In this part, you will see four sections −

Your family − Send you emails about family and product updates for YouTube or YouTube Kids

By turning on this setting, you are opting in to emails with recommended content, tips, and product updates for families

Permission − Send you emails about your YouTube activity and updates you requested

If this setting is turned off, YouTube may still send you messages regarding your account, required service announcements, legal notifications, and privacy matters.

You can choose turn on or off the corresponding button according to your actual needs.

Your preferences

General product updates

Announcements and recommendations.

YouTube Premium updates

Announcements, updates, and recommendations from YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium.

Creator updates and announcements

Product announcements, creator events, and personalized tips to grow your YouTube channel.

You can choose turn on or off the corresponding button according to your actual needs.

Language − You can choose the language you would like to use to emails only.

Scroll down to the last of page to find language section.

Click on the drop down.

List of available languages will open. Select yours.

YouTube Channel Subscriptions Notifications

You can also manage your subscribed YouTube channel notifications on the web browser. Notifications tell you about the latest videos and updates from the channels you are subscribed to. There are three options including All, Personalized, and None.

All − You will get notifications for any major uploads and live streams. You may also get some personalized notifications for Shorts based on your subscriptions and watch history.

Personalized − You will get notifications for selective uploads, Shorts, and live streams. The definition of "personalized" differs user from user. YouTube uses various methods to decide when to send you notifications.

None − No notification at all.

When you subscribe to a channel, your YouTube notifications are automatically set to Personalized.

The steps to follow to manage channel manage notifications are −

Open YouTube and sign into with your Google account on YouTube. Select and click on the Subscription option, located on the left side of screen.

Click on the manage button option on the right side of the screen.

The subscribed channel list will open. Click the YouTube notifications bell icon on the right side of the YouTube channel you have subscribed.

You can select one according to your needs. For example, if you want to turn All YouTube notifications, you need to select All.

The settings are changed to All.


There are a variety of YouTube tips, tricks, and shortcuts that you may use to improve your user experience on the site. Being able to control which YouTube messages you receive is one of them.

YouTube makes it simple to keep up with your favourite videos and channels by receiving notices whenever there's new material or improvements available. YouTube will notify you about channels that you have joined and channels that you may be interested in. Therefore, keep track of your messages to make sure that the things that matter to you do not get lost in the shuffle when hundreds of videos are added to the video-sharing site every minute.