How to Manage Cookies in Postman?

We can manage Cookies in Postman. We can add, delete and update a cookie. The cookies are information dispatched by the server and saved in the browser.

When a request is sent, the cookies are yielded by the server. The cookies are mentioned under the Headers and Cookies tab in the Response in Postman. To work with Cookies, we have to click on the Cookies link available under the Params tab.

On clicking on it, the MANAGE COOKIES appears. It contains all the available cookies along with the options – Add Cookie and Delete.

To add a cookie, click on the Add Cookie button. An edit box opens containing pre-existing values. We can update the values. Then click on Save.

Once a request is sent to the server, we find the Response code obtained is 200 OK. Simultaneously, the Cookies tab in the Response now shows the newly added cookie – Cookie_Postman.