How to make twitter bots in less than five minutes

Did you anytime notice about automatically answering questions posted on Twitter and you desire to make one for yourself? you can do it. We find, Twitter bots not only answering the questions, but it also shares its source. You can copy as well make your own little assistant.

Twitter Bots Design

The Twitter bots are designed for the purpose of Tweeting, retweeting and sharing varied Tweets. That’s not all, Twitter bots can not only follow a specific Twitter user, but it also can correct spelling mistakes depending upon the program specification.

Google Scripts

In the past, python program codes were used, but in recent times, Twitter bots can be written in less than five minutes by using Google Scripts. As the bots run on Google servers, the users do not require to know – how to program the code.

Adding Phone Number

One simple trick which the users should use while creating a twitter bot is to actually post on twitter than mere read it. For this purpose, a phone number should be added to individual’s twitter account.

Create Your own Twitter Bot

While creating twitter bots, one should remember similar like other bots, they need a specific command as well as actions. The individuals can also find a specific tweet that matches a search phrase and input a specific action for it to work.

For your Twitter Bot, make an App

As you are using a Twitter Bot, you should use a dummy account for registering a new Twitter account. After that, individuals should sign in their dummy account and then create a new twitter app. They can name the twitter app as per their choice, description and in the website field, put any URL. Then click on AGREE to the terms specified and submit the form.

Open the twitter app created, then choose modify app permissions under applications setting and change its user access to write, read and access direct.

Go to bots and authorize it in order to access the bot application. Edit the Twitter consumer key, tokens, consumer secret and access secret.

For Bots, specify the search phrase: It could mean almost everything including twitter displays. Once the individual types the letter one, the bot would search for it, it might take a while depending on the speed of the internet connection. Once done, then click on, create to start the bot.

Eight Ways Twitter Bots Help Us

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms and tsunamis as they happen can be tweeted by using Twitter Bots. They draw information from official sources.

  • Debates/Online conservation: The bots can be made to pose as humans. Randi Harper, an engineer built a bot to help her debate with Gamergate supporters, who harassed her on the micro – blogging site.

  • Monitoring Checks: The bots aim to keep the government in check and inform the government that people are watching its actions.

  • To Generate poetry: Even-though Twitter imposes a 140 character limit, Users are creating bot to produce poetry and short stories.

  • Can produces art: The users do not just make Twitter bots to dabble in poetry, but they make beautiful pieces of artwork too.

  • Educate/Teach English: These bots also saves the day by helping the users by correcting their English by tweeting back to the people who have committed mistakes.

  • Send Notifications:These bots can be used for basic alerts,which make the life easier.One example is Netflix account, it will send notifications of the latest episodes, which the users wish to watch.

  • Respond:These bots are interactive, the best example can be @Dear Assistant, it answers the questions. It is considered as a mini version of Siri as it uses the same data source.Free as well Premium editions.The twitter bots are available, free as well as for premium editions. The latter does include more features, it does log everything to a sheet and the individuals can also choose one to one support. We find features like retweets, favorite tweets, emoji support and auto reply to tweets are available for both free as well as premium. Few features are only available in premium they include DM new follower and add users to twitter list. Similarly, support options are only available for premium through email and for a premium, number of twitter can be created is five, whereas for free only one twitter bot can be created. For premium bots run once in fifteen minutes, whereas for free they run once in an hour.

There are some people whose Twitter feeds are works of art. They intuitively understand how much of themselves to put out there. Jess Walter

Lakshmi Srinivas
Lakshmi Srinivas

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