How to limit excessive use of mobile?

Today’s age is a technology-driven age. Mobile phones are the most used gadget at the moment. Be it rich or poor, young or old, mobiles have become a part and parcel for each one of us. However, the cell phone has a lot of adverse effects like back pain, stress, irritation, and depression, radiations harming us leading to different nervous disorders and the others.

Limiting Mobile Phone Usage

  • Place the phone down on a hard surface if one is texting. One can even hold the phone in one hand and text with the other. This will increase the time of texting and typing. So, the person gradually loses interest as it is time-consuming and tiring.

  • A child follows what he sees. If parents themselves are engaged all day long in texting and messaging, your child might start following the same. So, one must learn to limit oneself to be a role model even for children.

  • We all have phones but what is the use of the phone at the dinner table? Nothing! Keeping the phone aside to enjoy the delicious aromatic food should be self-mandatory.

  • We all have heard about ‘silent fasting’ or ‘Maun Vrit’ practiced by monks in ancient times. One can limit the overdosage of these phones by alienating oneself for a fixed time period.

  • Talk less, revert to shorter calls. With data packs becoming cheaper and the emergence of Jio, people are busy all the time over the phone.

  • Turn your cell phone off or put it in airplane mode when not in use. These will let you avoid any frequent desire to check the phone for social media notifications.

Thus, self-control is necessary. If one does not want to improve, how will things change? It is up to us if we want to lead a happier healthier life by limiting ourselves to this tiny gadget.