How to integrate PayU Money in iOS using swift?

payU money is a payment gateway which is more popular in Indian online markets. To Integrate payU money we need to go through a few steps. Be careful with integrating payU and do not skip any of the steps of integration.

  • Sign Up with payU money.

  • Once you sign up, your key & salt, merchant ID will be generated which can be found in the dashboard after you login to your payU money account.

  • After that in the terminal application, use the below code to clone payU money.

  • Drag and drop the PlugNPlay folder to your project.

$ git clone --recursive

Note − If you manually do this step you might need to go through a few more steps like creating bridging header etc.

  • Now go to your app’s target settings, under build phases, in the binary tab, check if PlugNPlay.framework is included or not, if not Include that.

  • Add PayUServiceHelper.h to your bridging header file.

  • Now in your PayUServiceHelper.h file, replace your merchant ID, key, salt, and environment with the one you received from your dashboard in payU.

  • Now you can call the payment methods in whatever view controller and the method you wish to use it.

These are the steps required to integrate payU money.

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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