How to hack WhatsApp? Easy tricks.

The most popular smartphone messaging app, WhatsApp has reportedly been found to be prone to hijacking. This is the worst because it could be done without unlocking or knowing target's device password, which is making hundreds of Millions of users vulnerable to, which is not just limited to hackers but can be done by non-technical people as well.

The following trick allows anybody to get the control over your WhatsApp account, and they just need your phone number and a device for few seconds, even if it is locked, not a problem for attackers.

Here is the trick

  • The process starts by setting up a WhatsApp account on a new mobile phone using the same phone number (target) you want to hack.

  • During the setup and authentication process, WhatsApp will call the target's phone number and will provide a PIN which is needed to complete the authentication.

  • If you can access the target's phone, you just need to receive the call and grab the code with no extra efforts. In case, if the target has a lock screen enabled on the phone, still you can receive the call and grab the PIN code to get the access. That's all, you are done and ready to use someone else's WhatsApp account.

By applying this simple trick, you can hack your friends, siblings, colleagues WhatsApp Account easily.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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