How to get the most out of Canva?

What is the use of Canva?

Canva is a versatile designing tool that helps you create compelling graphic designs or images. Entrepreneurs and small and large businesses use Canva as a designing tool for various purposes. It is a useful tool from social media managers and digital marketers to client success managers and media teams.

The best thing about Canva is that it is beginner-friendly. You don't need to have skills or be a designer to use them for growing your business. Unlike photoshop, it helps you create graphic designs within minutes without extra expenses.

What can you do using Canva?

You can create any high-quality digital design with Canva. There are also many options of ready-made templates for any imaginable design. Also, you are the creator and owner of all your designs at Canva.

You can use it for your personal needs, like creating a resume, slides, collage, or even an e−book cover.

You can also use it for promoting your business and running your marketing and advertisement campaigns. Things you can do using Canva are −

  • Create a logo to represent your brand;

  • Make business cards to spread the word around;

  • Create professional social media posts for the website, Facebook page, and other social media handles for promotions;

  • Create event posters and banners for campaigns;

  • Design newsletters and notices for getting more engagement;

  • Design brochures, certificates, presentations, and infographics;

  • Use your creativity and imagination to create anything else that you think is useful for your business.

  • Edit, format, copy or reuse your existing designs.

How to get the most out of Canva?

With the user−friendly interface of Canva, you can explore and get your hands on the different features and utilities without much difficulty. Here are two key aspects that will help you get the most out of Canva.

Explore all the choices Canva offers

  • Streamline your needs − Suppose you are designing a poster. You will need to outline the points that you will include in it. If you are making a resume, you will need to highlight your accomplishments, education, and skillsets. If you are designing a logo, it should represent a brand as it will be the company's identity. Canva has specified templates for everything from a brand logo to a resume. Outlining whatever you wish to design makes it easier to make choices while creating a design.

  • Understand the basics − Canva makes designing easy for beginners. Still, it is important to know basics like −

    • Creating a Canva account,

    • How to login to your account,

    • Choosing the right color,

    • Getting the ideal images,

    • Proper font combinations,

    • Following a few design principles like proper alignments.

  • You can also learn to organize your designs in folders, add music or special effects to create an engaging graphic. It hardly takes time to understand these basics. Besides, Canva has a tutorial blog to help you understand any concept you might need to know.

  • Choose fonts, images, templates, texts, and other designing tools − With a ton of images, templates, fonts, and color in their library, it is easy creating and editing a unique and professional design. You can use Canva's advanced search to get the exact image, background, or illustration you need.

Share your designs

  • Publish your work − At Canva, you are the owner of your designs and have the complete right to share them with the world. You can use your design for the marketing of your business and promoting your brand. You can also use them for publishing in your blogs, websites, or social media pages.

  • Post your designs − It is easy to download and post your graphic designs on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, or any social platform. You can easily download your design in PNG, JPG, or PDF format and share them. Canva also allows you to connect to your accounts and helps you post directly to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

  • Get a hard copy of your designs − You can get your designs printed out to create a more significant impact on your audience. Canva allows you to make DIY mugs and t−shirts by helping you create vivid graphics that you can get printed on them. Canva has also started printing services. This is currently operational in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Mexico, with more countries added.