How to get the IIS Application Pool failure Settings using PowerShell?

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Using GUI from the IIS Manager, you can get the Application Pool Failure settings using App pool advanced settings from the Rapid-Fail Protection section as shown below.

To retrieve the above settings using PowerShell,

(Get-IISAppPool -Name DefaultAppPool).failure

To run the above command we need the IISAdministration module. You can retrieve the same settings using the WebAdministration module and using IIS PSDrive.

(Get-ItemProperty IIS:\AppPools\DefaultAppPool\).failure

To retrieve the specific settings like Failure Interval or Maximum failures, use the below command.

Failure Intervals,

PS C:\> (Get-IISAppPool -Name DefaultAppPool).failure.rapidFailProtectionInterval

Days              : 0
Hours             : 0
Minutes           : 5
Seconds           : 0
Milliseconds      : 0
Ticks             : 3000000000
TotalDays         : 0.00347222222222222
TotalHours        : 0.0833333333333333
TotalMinutes      : 5
TotalSeconds      : 300
TotalMilliseconds : 300000

Maximum Failures.

(Get-IISAppPool -Name DefaultAppPool).failure.rapidFailProtectionMaxCrashes
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