How to get supported parameters of the cmdlet in PowerShell?

To know which parameters are supported by cmdlets, Get-Command retrieves the properties of the command. For example, We need to find the Get-Process parameters so the Get-Command will retrieve the command information and Full List will provide you the properties.

Get-Command Get-Process | fl

Once you run the command, it shows the ParameterSets property and they are the parameters supported by cmdlets.

PS C:\> (Get-Command Get-Process).ParameterSets |ft -AutoSize

Name                    IsDefault Parameters
----                    --------- ----------
Name                         True {Name, ComputerName, Module, FileVersionInfo..}
NameWithUserName            False {Name, IncludeUserName, Verbose, Debug...}
IdWithUserName              False {Id, IncludeUserName, Verbose, Debug...}
Id                          False {Id, ComputerName, Module, FileVersionInfo...}
InputObjectWithUserName     False {InputObject, IncludeUserName, Verbose, Debug…}
InputObject                 False {InputObject, ComputerName, Module, FileVersionInfo...}

The above Name properties are the supported parameters.