How to Generate CLI & JUNIT Newman report on Jenkins using Postman?

We can generate a CLI & JUNIT Newman report on Jenkins. Jenkin reports are a descriptive and categorized representation of test output. These reports help to establish a clear communication channel among members of the team and project stakeholders.

Jenkins reports are available in multiple formats and can be improvised by incorporating various flags in the build commands. As a pre-condition, Jenkins should be set up in our system. The information on how to configure Jenkins can be found in the link − Besides, there should be a Collection created having at least a single request and Newman installed in the system.

The steps to generate CLI & JUNIT Newman reports are as follows −

Step1 − Click on the arrow beside the Collection name in the sidebar. Then, click the Share button.

Step2 − SHARE COLLECTION1 pop-up shall be visible. Navigate to the Get public link tab and then copy the marked link.

Step3 − Open Jenkins then go to the Jenkins Job below the Build section. Input the below command to generate CLI and JUNIT reports −

newman run "<link copied in Step2> " --reporters cli, junit