How to force the Y axis to use only integers in Matplotlib?

Whenever Y value list will be made, then we will convert those datasets into a new list, with ceil and floor value of the given list accordingly. Then, we can plot the graph for the new list data.


  • Take an input list.

  • Find the minimum and maximum values in the input list (Step 1).

  • Create a range between min and max value (Step 2).

  • Get or set the current tick locations and labels of the Y-axis, with a new list.

  • Set the X-axis label using plt.xlabel() method.

  • Set the Y-axis label using plt.ylabel() method.

  • Set a title for the axes.

  • To show the figure we can use the method.


import math
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

y = [0.17, 1.17, 2.98, 3.15, 4.11, 5.151]

minimum_ele = min(y)
maximum_ele = max(y)
new_list = range(math.floor(min(y)), math.ceil(max(y))+1)

plt.xlabel("X-axis ")
plt.ylabel("Y-axis ")
plt.title("Only Integer on Y-axis ")


Updated on: 16-Mar-2021

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