How to find PHP execution time?

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In PHP version 7+, the getrusage function can be used. Below is a sample code demonstration −


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//beginning of the script
$exec_start = getrusage();
//other code functionalities
//end of the script
function rutime($ru, $rus, $index) {
   return ($ru["ru_$index.tv_sec"]*1000 + intval($ru["ru_$index.tv_usec"]/1000))
   - ($rus["ru_$index.tv_sec"]*1000 + intval($rus["ru_$index.tv_usec"]/1000));
$ru = getrusage();
echo "The process used " . rutime($ru, $exec_start, "utime") .
   " ms for the computations
"; echo "Spent " . rutime($ru, $exec_start, "stime") .    " ms during system calls

Note − There is no need to calculate the time difference if a php instance is spawned for every test.


This will produce the following output −

The process used 1.563896 ms for the computations
Spent 0.345628 ms during system calls
Updated on 06-Apr-2020 09:18:38