How to Execute a Strategic Planning?

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning ensures that a company’s portfolio is balanced in terms of profit, overall risk, and cash flows. Strategic planning is, therefore, the tool by which the progress of a company can be ensured.

Strategic planning decides the strategy. Planning is done at the top level of a company while the strategy is applied at the ground level where managers apply the strategies as directed by the top-level managers.

However, businesses often make strategic plans and see them fail while executed. The fault is not in the plan, but of the people who are going to execute it. In order to make a strategic plan successful, you need to stick to some specific tasks.

How to Execute a Strategic Planning?

Following are some of the steps that one must take for plans to succeed in the long run −

Market Study

Market study is the first and foremost need one must adhere to in order to make the strategic plan work as they want. Studying the market requirements, studying the competitors, their products, average profits a lot of other relative factors. Moreover, one must also check the industry to understand what the clients want and why and how the service or product can be made better than the competitors.

SWOT Analysis Performance for Key Metrics

SWOT analysis is the analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the business factors and its environments. Some indicators that may be included in the SWOT analysis are as follows −

  • Checking the Strengths and weaknesses of the team, the resources available, and the market position.

  • Assessing the sales channels to see if they are incomplete

  • Evaluating the quality of services or products by reviews, interviews, etc.

  • Finding out better opportunities and working on them.

Define Key Goals

It is useful to make reachable vision and mission statements and stick to them in every business segment. Checking whether business goals are being met is one of the key priorities a business should have. Product changes, marketing policies, financial structure, and corporate culture − all of these should work in sync with the business goals.

Have Short-Term Objectives

Taking small goals in the company’s overall aim can help a business realize its goals in a smarter and easier way. One can have the broad strategy at hand and work back on them to find the smaller objectives that may satisfy the needs of the business. This will not only help the company reach the position it needs but will also let the achievement less tedious for all.

Identify Costs

A business must know its staffing, budgeting, and financing needs and costs to successfully implement its strategic plan. One may find the answer to queries such as whether the business has enough funds to launch a new business etc., from such activities. The identification of costs will also keep projects under monetary control and help avoid constraints.

Find Trackable KPIs

It is important to know which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the business will stick to. It is helpful in avoiding the unnecessary mess that is created when too many KPIs are tracked. Tracking the most important KPIs will always help the business owners to know the status of the company and take corrective measures in case of any need.

Identify Customer Needs

This is very important because if your product is not in demand, the entire business may fail. Therefore, one must find what the needs of a particular business are and satisfy the demands of customers accordingly. Choosing the wrong products or services may lead to the bankruptcy of a company if a proper solution to mitigate the issue is not found early in the business process.

Find Individuals Involved in Particular Project

It is important to keep track of the individuals who work on a project. It is handy to see who is working in which team. By checking whether the teams are grouped well enough, one can be sure of their productivity. It can also let the company know whether any new individual would be required to accomplish tasks in time.

Check Financial Results

The final and the most important task is to check whether the financials of the company are on track. If there is an anomaly in the financials, corrective measures must be taken. Otherwise, the process in which the company is working should be made more effective.


Strategic planning needs a good idea of the market as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Although it is tough, creating a good strategic plan to build a strategy that works well can be a milestone of success for the companies.

Updated on: 23-May-2022


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