How to download SRT files of YouTube Videos?

The vast majority of videos of all kinds, including lessons, talks, and videos, may be found on YouTube. The best aspect is that those resources are free to share and download.

Additionally, you frequently need to obtain the video subtitles as separate SST or SRT files when downloading YouTube videos to alter or further analyze them. So, in this post, we'll outline how to download SRT and TXT files from YouTube videos.

Why are Subtitles Used?

People who don't speak the language of the audio can first benefit from having many language subtitle alternatives. When attempting to connect with people across multiple geographies, this can be crucial. Since you cannot predict whom your viewers will share the video with, it is excellent for content that you want to be shared as well.

The following individuals also gain from subtitles −

  • The group of Deaf and hard-of-hearing people

  • Those that watch films without sound, whether they do it voluntarily or are compelled to,

How to Download SRT and TXT files From YouTube Videos?

Manually you can extract the TXT and SRT files from any YouTube videos. Here is how you can do it −

Step 1 − Pick any YouTube video but make sure that the video should contain subtitles. At the bottom of the video, you will find the three dots. Click on the three dots (as shown below).

Step 2 − A new window will be displayed. Click on the show transcript (as shown below).

Step 3 − The subtitles of the video along with the time stamps will be shown. Copy the subtitles (i.e., TXT and SRT files) and save it in a word document.


For many individuals nowadays, watching videos is the preferred method of learning because it gives them a better opportunity to engage with the business or artist and keeps them interested. Your chances of appearing higher on search engines, particularly YouTube, greatly rise when you optimize your video with captions.

The inclusion of the deaf and hard of hearing as well as those who watch videos on social media with the sound off is increased when captions are added to a video. Additionally, when closed captions are accessible, 80% of users are more likely to watch a video through to the conclusion, which can increase engagement in your video.

Updated on: 22-Dec-2022


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