How to display a SQL execution progress along with execution plan in Oracle?


You want to view where Oracle SQL is taking time within a SQL execution plan.


With Oracle 11g version, we can view SQL execution plan progress while the SQL is running. The “V$SQL_PLAN_MONITOR” view contains a row for each step of a SQL statement’s execution plan. Below SQL will help to view the execution plan along with the progress.

The “V$SQL_PLAN_MONITOR" provides you with information on the steps that are using the most resources. The statistics in "V$SQL_PLAN_MONITOR” are updated every second.

We can also generate a real time text, HTML, or even a XML report of query progress within an execution plan by using the REPORT_SQL_MONITOR function of the DBMS_SQLTUNE package.


select   a.sid  ,a.status  ,to_char(a.sql_exec_start,'yymmdd hh24:mi') start_time  ,a.plan_line_id  ,a.plan_operation  ,a.plan_options  ,a.output_rows  ,a.workarea_mem     mem_bytes  ,a.workarea_tempseg temp_bytes from v$sql_plan_monitor a     ,v$sql_monitor      b where a.status NOT LIKE '%DONE%' and   a.key = b.key order by a.sid, a.sql_exec_start, a.plan_line_id;

To generate a HTML report.


SET LINES 3000 PAGES 0 LONG 1000000 TRIMSPOOL ON SPOOL report.html select dbms_sqltune.report_sql_monitor(session_id=> 901,   event_detail => 'YES' ,report_level => 'ALL' ,type => 'HTML'   ) from dual; SPOOL OFF;