How to dismount the ISO file using PowerShell?

To dismount the ISO file on the Windows Server using PowerShell, we need to use the Dismount−DiskImage command. When you use this command, you need to use the same path used for mounting the disk image.

In this example, we have a disk mounted on E: on the local server, that we can check using the windows explorer or cmdlets.

We have the source ISO image stored at F: drive, so we can dismount the image using the below command.

ISO Disk will be mounted from the E:

To dismount the disk on the remote server, we can use the CIMSession command.

$sess = New−CimSession −ComputerName Labmachine2k12
Dismount−DiskImage −ImagePath F:\Windows_Server_2016_Datacenter.ISO −
CimSession $sess

In the above example, the ISO file will be dismounted from the LabMachine2k12 server, and that ImagePath should exist on the remote machine.