How to develop or migrate apps for iPhone 5 screen resolution?

At the release of iPhone 5, it’s resolution and aspect ratio was different (640 x 1136 pixels), hence it was tough to migrate applications from iPhone 4 sizes to the newer iPhone. But later with the release of iOS 8, size classes and abstract screen sizes were also introduced to make it easier. As of now, applications for almost all sizes can be developed with Xcode storyboard editor.

Apart from storyboard editor, you can also change the launch image. Let’s see the first method.

Change the launch image to Default-568h@2x.png. Change the size to be 1136x640.

Go to info.plist and remove the value for “Launch Image”.

In the storyboard editor, you can use Auto layout to fit designs to any screens. When we use auto layout we make sure that the design is adapted to all the screen sizes as per the values we want it to have.

Go to storyboard editor.

Select iPhone 5 from the View as an option ( In XCode 10, only iPhone 4, iPhone SE, and iPhones above iPhone 8 are supported in view as options.)

When you design with the Auto layout for a selected iPhone you can see that live rendered on the storyboard, which will look exactly same on the device too, but similar on the devices according to the auto layout constraints added.

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karthikeya Boyini

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