How to detect iOS device UDID, Name, Version, Model by programmatically?

Device UDID stands for Unique device identifier. Every iOS Device has UDID which is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is guaranteed to be specific to your device.

Device name is generally a name which will find in the device Setting→ General→ About.

iOS Version is the version on which your current iPhone runs, latest iOS version in 12.2

iOS Model describes whether the iOS device which user is using is an iPhone/iPad.

Now will see how to detect UDID, Name, Version and Model programatically.

Open Xcode → New Project and add the below code in ViewController’s viewDidLoad method.

override func viewDidLoad() {
   // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.
   let udid = UIDevice.current.identifierForVendor?.uuidString
   let name =
   let version = UIDevice.current.systemVersion
   let modelName = UIDevice.current.model
   print(udid ?? "")    // D774EAE3F447445F9D5FE2B3B699ADB1
   print(name)          // iPhone XR
   print(version)       // 12.1
   print(modelName)     // iPhone