How to delete useless images in your whatsapp automatically

Probably WhatsApp is the most memory-consuming instant messenger today. As if Good Morning messages with hot cup of coffee and a croissant or some chirping bird were insufficient, the enthusiasts are creating and sending messages for greeting “Good Afternoon” and “Good Night” too. These images and other media files start accumulating in chunks especially if you have a setting of Auto Download. These useless images eat up large space of our mobile devices leave very little space for their smart use. At times they also slow down the device performance. At some point of time it becomes very annoying.

The simplest way is to open the WhatsApp Images folder on your mobile device, Select Delete, and then select all those images you wish to delete. But this is quite time consuming job if the number of images accumulated is very large. It is very annoying to clear all WhatsApp junk this way every few days to reclaim your phone memory.

What more, if you use a File Manager App for deleting the WhatsApp Images folder, it deletes entire folder without distinguishing important photographs from useless picture forwards. Hence there is a risk of you deleting your childhood picture that your friend sent to you. Hence it is absolutely necessary to delete the useless images at a couple of clicks.

Here is the good news – You can get rid of all these useless images, videos, and audio files in a few taps using image cleaning apps. There are a wide range of cleaning apps available in market which can cleanse your WhatsApp folders in few steps.

App 1 − Siftr Magic Cleaner

The ex-employees of Adobe came together to develop this one of the popular image curating apps.

It analyses the photos in chunks of 500. When you tap on the head of Dr. Kleen, it starts analyzing all pictures to find junk pictures from the authentic ones, which you want to keep safe. Just in one tap, your phone trash is gone. The best part is, the action takes place in a few seconds. More the number of photos, more is the time of analyzing them.

Siftr has developed its proprietary image-recognition engine, which analyzes the content of an image and determines if it is a junk. The image recognition engine compares a small portion of each image in the cell phone with siftr’s own image database. Hence it requires you to connect to the Internet.

It comes completely free with just one catch: you can delete only certain number of pictures per day. In addition, a downside of this app is; though it deletes photos, it leaves their thumbnails as they were. You need to delete the thumbnails manually.

App 2 − WCleaner for WA

This app is developed by Evolving Technology Experience (ETX) Software Development Company based in Canada. The name itself suggests that it is meant dedicatedly for WhatsApp. It not only deletes photos but also deletes all downloaded files from WhatsApp.

It deletes all unwanted images, audio and video files, voice notes, profile pictures, backups, and saved wallpapers. You can select to delete pictures or unwanted files. You can manage wallpapers, profile photos, and voice notes efficiently with this app.

In addition, it facilitates you to delete all, delete files you selected by tapping, and delete files before a certain date.

App 3 − Remo Cleaner for WhatsApp


This app is developed by an Indian software development company based in Bangalore. It offers file cleaning in three categories: Images, Audio files, and Video files.

It also provides three options of deletion: deleting a single file, deleting all files, or deleting selected files in a particular category. It enables you to view an image or video, or listen to an audio before deletion, so that you do not lose any important files.

You can view the files categorized in two simple sections: Inbox and Sent. This categorization makes you take the note of which files you are going to delete.

App 4 − Media Cleaner for WhatsApp

Media Cleaner is a yet another powerful app to relieve you from accumulated unwanted files in your WhatsApp folder. This app also uses Artificial Intelligence behind the stage for recognizing the forwarded images, audio, and video files. The app employs its unique algorithms and analyses the media-related data to identify if the media files are junk or not.

It offers the options for clearing junk files in a single go. Alternatively, you can remove selected media files. You can set it to delete duplicate files without confirmation. You also have an option to mark a few files as important ones so that they are not deleted accidentally. The marked files are then not suggested for deletion in the following cleaning cycle. You can also move files to SD card for backup. The app is very light on use of resources of your phone.

What more, if your friends also have this app installed, it works even better for junk file suggestion.

App 5 − Whatsapp Cleaner and Manager

It is a five-start app that saves you from the nightmares of smartphone space consumption. This mighty tool cleans and manages your WhatsApp files so that you save the space on your device. It is a simple application for cleaning shared WhatsApp files such as images, videos, and audios those are stored in your phone. You can reclaim the space consumed

Lakshmi Srinivas
Lakshmi Srinivas

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