How to delete cookies with JSP?

To delete cookies is very simple. If you want to delete a cookie, then you simply need to follow these three steps −

  • Read an already existing cookie and store it in Cookie object.

  • Set cookie age as zero using the setMaxAge() method to delete an existing cookie.

  • Add this cookie back into the response header.

Following example will show you how to delete an existing cookie named "first_name" and when you run main.jsp JSP next time, it will return null value for first_name.


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      <title>Reading Cookies</title>
         <h1>Reading Cookies</h1>
         Cookie cookie = null;
         Cookie[] cookies = null;

         // Get an array of Cookies associated with the this domain
         cookies = request.getCookies();

         if( cookies != null ) {
            out.println("<h2> Found Cookies Name and Value</h2>");
            for (int i = 0; i < cookies.length; i++) {
               cookie = cookies[i];
               if((cookie.getName( )).compareTo("first_name") == 0 ) {
                  out.print("Deleted cookie: " +
                  cookie.getName( ) + "<br/>");
               out.print("Name : " + cookie.getName( ) + ", ");
               out.print("Value: " + cookie.getValue( )+" <br/>");
         } else {
            "<h2>No cookies founds</h2>");

Let us now put the above code in the main.jsp file and try to access it. It will display the following result −


Cookies Name and Value
Deleted cookie : first_name
Name : first_name, Value: John
Name : last_name, Value: Player

Now run http://localhost:8080/main.jsp  once again and it should display only one cookie as follows −

Found Cookies Name and Value
Name : last_name, Value: Player

You can delete your cookies in the Internet Explorer manually. Start at the Tools menu and select the Internet Options. To delete all cookies, click the Delete Cookies button.

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Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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