How to Create Digital Marketing Report for Clients: Understand the Steps?

Report on any marketing activities helps to assess the activities. It's an essential document that encourages marketers to do good in the next term. If any metrics show low results, they need special care or a modified strategy in the upcoming planning. Digital marketing, however, is similar to any other marketing report, which helps the digital marketer to assess the progress on various digital channels. Let’s understand how you can create digital marketing reports for clients through this post.

The emerging digital marketing scenario helps marketers improve their strategies and implement new techniques. At the end of the month, the report matters which elaborates on which part you need to optimize, which section needs particular attention, and what ways you can modify your strategy.

In this way, multiple factors are involved in digital marketing report-making, which helps the marketer understand the success-failure strategies, and the clients will understand whether the investment is justified or not.

Before going for a digital marketing report and having an in-depth discussion, let’s understand why it's necessary.

Why is Digital Marketing Report Necessary Elements for Growth?

There are multiple measures involved in report writing. But why is the report so crucial for the marketer and client? Let’s understand!

  • Digital marketing report can produce a clear picture of the several strategies the marketer has taken

  • The report is the ultimate assessment of the efforts of the marketer and the outcome of the strategies he/she opted out

  • A client can get the whole scenario of the money he invested in the project

  • Marketers can assess his success and rectify his failure

  • With the report, buyers’ persona can be traced and get an insight into whether the trend has changed or not

Thus, the report is essential even if your client is a small businessman whose every money counts. Despite the small, large, or medium business volume, all categories need digital marketing reports once you put your efforts into scaling up the business using various online channels.

To whom you address in your report is as important as the report file itself. If the report addresses the company's CEO, he can understand marketing jargon. If the report goes to the other department, you must mention the jargon's meaning. Clarify this from your client before preparing the digital marketing report to whom you need to address.

The Format of the Report

If you prepare the digital marketing report for the company head, you can use various tools or software. This software provides easy access; your client can add comments to the file. If the report is for another department, you must make it simple and straightforward. However, you can prepare the report file in the following format −

  • PDF

  • Excel sheet

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Share the Dashboard link of various marketing tools in an email

What Should Be Added to the Digital Marketing Report?

In digital marketing, marketers channel the product or service using several online platforms. Each platform has its own analytic data that a marketer can access. You need to evaluate the analytic data and prepare the report for your client. You must add the following to your report −

  • You must add the marketing activities summary you’ve done in the stipulated timeframe

  • The report should include paid campaign data metrics.

  • Content marketing strategy and the results

  • Traffic to the website

  • New visitors & Return of old visitors

  • Social media engagement

  • The sales from social media platforms

  • Sales from other sources (including email marketing, PPC, etc)

  • ROI of several campaigns

  • The next marketing strategy includes expecting ROI from several paid & non-paid campaigns.

Next, we will explore how you can create a digital marketing report.

How to Create Digital Marketing Report: Step-by-step Guide?

Follow the below steps to create a digital marketing report −

Step 1: Select the report format

Once you sit with report making, select the format like a sheet, doc file through email, etc. Once you select the format, the next move will be the assessment data entering. If your client asks for a Powerpoint presentation, you need to select the slide for the purpose.

Step 2: Mention the month, year, and client’s detail

In the top part of a sheet, mention Clients’ details, including name, company name, and contact details. Next, enter the month and year of the report.

Step 3: Create a summary

A summary of the entire report is necessary to understand the basis of your report. Mention the company’s marketing goal, your efforts, and the outcome you receive from your marketing strategy. Don’t forget to add the target, the achievements, and your next month's strategic planning.

Step 4: Enter the data

Once finish the summary, create headings and enter the data. For instance, the

visitor of this month: xxxx;

New visitors: xxxx

Old visitors: xxxx

Paid campaigns: Social media ( name of the platform): Estimation: xxxx,

Achievement: xxxx

In this way, you create the heading and enter the relevant data. Mention the figure. If you’re using marketing jargon, mention the meaning of the jargon below the page so the reader can understand.

Step 5: Mention your detail at the end

Once you are done with your data update, mention your detail at the end of the page, which includes your name, designation, contact details, and signature. If you’re a logo, mention them with your signature.

Step 6: Write a cover letter

Once your report is ready, write a cover letter addressing your client in the email and then attach the report file. In the cover letter, you can mention the market situation and your efforts to make the report accurate. Thanking the assistance, you avail to make the campaigns successful.

Step 7: Mail the report

Once the cover letter is ready, attach the report file and mail it to your client.

Tips for Newbie Digital Marketers to Prepare the Report

If you’re new in this industry, you need to be specific when producing the assessment report for your client. Here are the tips for you −

  • Be clear about your client’s target, then move to the strategy planning section.

  • Ask your client which format he wants to open the report.

  • If the format needs to be clarified, learn it before preparing it.

  • Be cautious about the money your client is investing in paid campaigns.

  • Create a separate bank account and use it for your business.

  • Learn the tools available in the market for better marketing expenditure calculation.

  • Show your efforts and results to retain your client and establish your credibility as an excellent digital marketer.

  • Report-making software is available in the market, which can reduce time consumption; if your client is comfortable, use the software to present the report systematically.


A digital marketing report is crucial when your client invests in marketing. Besides, the report can express a clear view of the market demand, customers’ buying capacities, and how much they spend on the product/service your client offers. Based on this data, you can suggest product/service modifications to attract buyers, improve to retain the old customers, improvise your strategy for broader outreach, change the trend on social media and online platforms, expect ROI, and how much the investment should be. Even the report helps to prepare the budget of your client’s company and influence growth.

Updated on: 20-Mar-2023


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