How to create a semi-transparent background in Canva?

If you are someone who wants your text to not get overwhelmed by the background, then a semi-transparent background maybe a good option for you. So, here is a guide to help to set a semi-transparent background to your design.

Creating a Semi-transparent Background in Canva

This feature is most effective to use when you want to increase the transparency of the background of a template you have designed. It gives your design a clarity and also makes sure the audience focuses solely on the contents of the design.

To implement this, follow the steps given below −

  • Select the design you want to add a transparent background to.

  • Select the background image of your template.

  • Select the Transparency tool located on the toolbar above the work screen.

  • On selecting the icon, a small slider appears. Adjust the slider according to how transparent you want your template background to be.

  • Your template with transparent background is ready.

Updated on: 09-Dec-2021


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