How to create a process using ProcessBuilder in Java 9?

Java 9 added ProcessHandle interface to Process API to enhance Process class. An instance of the ProcessHandle interface identifies a local process that allows us to query process status and managing processes, and ProcessHandle.Info allows us to use local code because of the need to obtain the PID of a local process.

ProcessBuilder class can be used to create separate operating system processes. In the below example, we can create a process of "notepad" application by using the ProcessBuilder class.


import java.time.ZoneId;

public class ProcessBuilderTest {
   public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException {
      ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("notepad.exe");
      String np = "Not Present";
      Process p = pb.start();
      ProcessHandle.Info info =;

      System.out.printf("Process ID : %s%n",;
      System.out.printf("Command name : %s%n", info.command().orElse(np));
      System.out.printf("Command line : %s%n", info.commandLine().orElse(np));

      System.out.printf("Start time: %s%n", info.startInstant().map(i -> i.atZone(ZoneId.systemDefault()).toLocalDateTime().toString()).orElse(np));

      System.out.printf("Arguments : %s%n", info.arguments().map(a -> Stream.of(a).collect(
Collectors.joining(" "))).orElse(np));

      System.out.printf("User : %s%n", info.user().orElse(np));

The above example launches the notepad application as below


Process ID : 3728
Command name : C:\WINDOWS\System32\notepad.exe
Command line : Not Present
Start time: 2020-04-20T18:06:30.378
Arguments : Not Present
User : Tutorialspoint\User