How to create a Feature file for Cucumber in Java?

We can create a Feature file for Cucumber. This can be done using the below steps−

Step1− Click on the File menu in Eclipse. Then select the option New. Next click on Other

Step2− Click on Maven Project from the Maven folder. Then click on Next.

Step3− Proceed with the further steps.

Step4− Select maven-archetype-quickstart template. Then click on Next.

Step5− Add GroupId as Automation, Artifact Id as Cucumber, and proceed.

Step6− A project should get created with a Cucumber-type project structure. The Cucumber-related scripts should be written within the src/test/java folder.

Step6− Create a new package called features inside the src/test/java folder.

Step7− Create a feature file within the features package. Select the features package, then click on the File menu. Select option New->File.

Step8− Enter a file name, say Login with an extension as .feature. Then click on Finish.

Step10− A file called Login.feature should get created within the features package.

Updated on: 22-Nov-2021

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