How to concatenate a std::string and an int in C++?

In this program we will see how to concatenate a string and integer type data in C++. To concatenate string and integer data, we have to convert integer to string at first. To convert it we are using stringstream. This provides some features. It takes number or string then make it string.

Input: String “str” and Number 10
Output: Concatenated string “str10”


Step 1: Take string and number
Step 2: Convert number to string
Step 3: Concatenate them
Step 4: End

Example Code

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#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
using namespace std;
string int_to_str(int x) {
   stringstream ss;
   ss << x;
   return ss.str();
int main() {
   string my_str = "This is a string: ";
   int x = 50;
   string concat_str;
   concat_str = my_str + int_to_str(x);
   cout << concat_str;


This is a string: 50