How to compare numbers but allowing a tolerance in Excel?

In this article we will learn how to compare two number having nearby values to each other with a specified tolerance value. However using the basic formula as =A1=B1 we can directly compare the values for the exact match but sometimes we need to compare the value upto a tolerance values. For this, follow the below mentioned formula and steps.

Comparing Two Numbers having a Specified Tolerance Value

Step 1 − We have taken the following sample data for comparison.

Step 2  Enter the formula in C2 cell as mentioned below. This formula will return True for those values where tolerance is equals to 5 or False when tolerance value is greater than 5 or less than 5.


Step 3  Now, drag the formula till the last row of data and the final output will be as following.

Formula Syntax Description



AND(logical_1, logical_2, logical_3)

AND function returns True if all the conditions are true in logic and returns False if any of the conditions is false.


Hence using the above formula, adjacent numbers as well as numbers of different cells can be compared with a tolerance value. However, one more formula can also be used for the same activity i.e. =ABS(A2-B2) <=”ToleranceValue”. This will also work in the same way as mentioned above.

Updated on: 02-May-2023


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