How to combine 2 arrays into 1 object in JavaScript

Let’s say, we have two arrays of equal lengths and are required to write a function that maps the two arrays into an object. The corresponding elements of the first array becomes the corresponding keys of the object and the elements of the second array become the value.

We will reduce the first array, at the same time accessing elements of the second array by index. The code for this will be −


const keys = [
const values = [
   'Frontend Developer',
   'Tilak Nagar, New Delhi',
const combineArrays = (first, second) => {
   return first.reduce((acc, val, ind) => {
      acc[val] = second[ind];
      return acc;
   }, {});
console.log(combineArrays(keys, values));


The output in the console will be −

   firstName: 'Hitesh',
   lastName: 'Kumar',
   isEmployed: false,
   occupation: 'Frontend Developer',
   address: 'Tilak Nagar, New Delhi',
   salary: 90000,
   expenditure: 45000