How to calculate the volume of a sphere using C programming language?

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The volume of sphere is nothing but the capacity of the shape.

Volume of a sphere formula is −



Step 1: Enter radius of sphere at runtime
Step 2: Apply the formula to variable
Step 3: print the volume
Step 4: stop

Program 1

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int main(){
   float vol;
   int rad;
   vol=((4.0f/3.0f) * (3.1415) * rad * rad * rad);
   printf("the volume of a sphere is %f\n",vol);
   return 0;


the volume of a sphere is 33509.335938

Program 2

Following is an example to find Volume and Surface Area of Sphere −

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
int main(){
   float rad;
   float area, vol;
   printf("Enter radius of the sphere : \n");
   scanf("%f", &rad);
   area = 4 * (22/7) * rad * rad;
   vol = (4.0/3) * (22/7) * rad * rad * rad;
   printf("Surface area of sphere is: %.3f", area);
   printf("\n Volume of sphere is : %.3f", vol);
   return 0;


Enter radius of the sphere :
Surface area of sphere is: 192.000
Volume of sphere is : 256.000
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