How to block or remove the unwanted ads and content on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent place to share information about the business, education, entertainment and services with a huge network of viewers, but sometimes viewers can encounter videos that have objectionable content or are possibly detrimental to you. It may feature inappropriate content or content that doesn’t interest you. If this channel keeps appearing on your feed, you may have to consider blocking it altogether. You cannot directly remove videos others have uploaded instead, there is a process followed by the YouTube review team and then they remove content if it violates the Terms of Service or the law. You can also stop the reappearance of some ads again and again in your feed. YouTube also let you set certain boundaries for your child to ensure that your child doesn’t view content they aren’t meant to see. YouTube had provided a restricted mode and blocking words facility to viewers.

Blocking or getting remove inappropriate content videos or channels on the platform can be a useful way to get this done.

In this article, you’ll see all the steps necessary to block or get removed a channel on YouTube. First, let’s see the ways to take action to block or remove content.


Turning on restricted mode

Blocking YouTube content, rather than blocking whole channels, makes a viewer to enable “Restricted Mode.” The steps are as follows −

Sign in to your “YouTube account.” Click on your profile picture. Hit the menu at the bottom of the page that says: “Restricted Mode: Off.”

The restricted mode is off.

Choose “On” to turn on the restricted mode.

How Do I Block Words on YouTube?

Here is what you need to do to block certain words on YouTube:

Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen. Choose the “YouTube Studio” option from the drop-down menu by clicking on it.

Select “Settings” in the lower-left corner.

Click the “Community” section that comes in the settings section.

Scroll down until you find the “Blocked Words” box in automated filters option.

Type in the words you want to block on YouTube in the box. Click Save.

How to stop seeing ads

When you open the YouTube channel, you can see plenty of ads on the top row. If an ad is of not your interest, you can follow the steps below:

Click on the three dots beside the video title.

Two options will be shown. If you click on Why This ad?

Click on Stop seeing this ad. If you want to report an ad, you can report it.

If you click on Stop seeing this ad.

The ad will be removed from your feed.

How to wave flag and additional issues on a content

A video can also be removed for trademark violations, defamation, copyright, or other legal reasons. You can flag the videos as having objectionable content. The steps are -

On the main window of YouTube, on the right-hand side, YouTube shows us recommended videos and ads. Click on the three dots beside the title.

You will get three options

Not interested

Don’t’ recommend channel


Every action clicked will give different options to users. You can select option c having flag as an icon to flag the video.

Option a result in -

Option b results in -

Option c (Flagging) results in -

Select the flagging issue and click on Report.


  • Sexual content − represents that some pictures or scenes are inappropriate in content.

  • Violent or repulsive content − is videos, promoting terrorism or fighting scenes.

  • Harmful or abusive content − is the kind of clips, which involve offending certain people or groups, they promote haters.

  • Harmful dangerous act videos − affect other people’s health and can ruin someone’s life.

  • Child abuse − is the most unpleasant case. It represents sexual or just offensive treatment of the little ones.

  • Spam or misleading − are some video clips, which are copied from different resources and posted several times without taking permission.

  • Affecting your rights − is the last case when the videos of your copyright possessions become public without your approval.


At last, it can be said that YouTube support is flexible and if viewers have some problems with the video content, they contact YouTube. A single call to action is enough for them to check if the video is appropriate or not. In case, if a video doesn’t meet YouTube guidelines, it will not be available.

Therefore, viewers can easily avoid exposing themselves and their family members to potentially harmful and inappropriate YouTube content.